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The 4 classrooms at Le Ballon Rouge Montessori Day Nursery are well appointed with Montessori apparatus, educational resources and play materials.

We have an outdoor space that includes a quiet, calming area, furnished with picnic tables and planting troughs.

  • A Computer Room
  • A Library Room
  • A Resource Room
  • A Studio Room - ( For Yoga, Dancing and music )
  • Outdoor Play Area

Le Ballon Rouge Montessori Day Nursery is registered with Social Services and Ofsted. Some 2 years olds and all 3 year olds living in the Southend Borough and 4 year olds attending the nursery are eligible for the Nursery Education Grant Funding.

Two Montessori directresses (London Montessori Centre – International Diploma) look after the Nursery’s Montessori classroom. The room, situated at the centre of the nursery, is well equipped with Montessori resources ranging from practical life and sensorial materials, through to language,  mathematical and cultural activities. 

The directress’ role is to prepare the environment, guiding children to activities that best fit their stage of development and to observe the children at work, noting their interests and progress. Thr Montessori Method fosters independence by providing freedom in learning and helping children to acquire skills to learn futher. 


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Covid-19 Outbreak

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 outbreak we are closed to all families.

Please contact the nursery via email enquiries@leballonrougenursery.co.uk if you have any questions/queries.

We will endeavour to reopen on Monday 20th April, unless told otherwise by the Government.

Should you require emergency childcare due to being keyperson/your child is vulnerable please contact

Southend Council elainehammans@southend.gov.uk