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The children develop the confidence to move freely gaining an awareness of space and safety issues. Also taking place at Le Ballon Rouge are twice weekly dancing sessions, outdoor play on a daily basis, teamwork exercises, such as parachute and obstacle courses, planting, helping preparing snacks, washing-up and so forth.

Having an ethos of respect and understanding throughout the nursery ensures that children are able to develop their confidence and a sense of self. They are encouraged to form positive relationships with others and gain an understanding of their own and other people’s lives. Through the daily routines and the use of the Montessori material (e.g. dressing frames) children gain an understanding of their own personal hygiene, care and develop independence.

The Montessori approach and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework are interlinked throughout Le Ballon Rouge Montessori Day Nursery in Southend-on-Sea. The children move between the Montessori Room and their Early Years classrooms experiencing a varied selection of activities designed to enhance their learning and development.

Children are encouraged to communicate effectively. This is developed through their interactions with others, with the use of stories, rhymes, songs and role play. They are encouraged to share their personal news at ‘news time’ with the group and discuss local and world events.

The Montessori Language material is used in developing the children’s phonetics awareness and introduced to the Montessori reading scheme.

We promote play by providing a well planned and organised environment. Specially designed and varied activities are offered in each room including sand, water, play dough, painting, cutting, construction, puzzles, toys and more. Imaginary and role play are also encouraged as the children’s understanding and verbal skills develop. In the ‘home corner’ children learn about personal, social and moral issues.

At Le Ballon Rouge, we believe that children need not only to be shown appreciation by constant and genuine praise, but also need to be rewarded by stars, stickers and occasionally treats. Good behaviour, good manners, concern for others and helpfulness are valued and rewarded as much as academic achievements.