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Le Ballon Rouge Montessori Day Nursery’s teaching approach is influenced by the Montessori Method. Children build their knowledge and understanding of the world around them through their senses. With Montessori, the training of senses is done methodically. The prepared environment is designed to provide purposeful activities adapted to each stage of children’s development. The method encourages observation, independence, concentration and responsibility.

Children work through practical life exercises, such as pouring, folding, threading, matching, sweeping etc. We use the Montessori learning materials (sensorial, mathematical and language) and the three period lesson for introducing new concepts and reinforcing knowledge. We play the ‘Silence Game’ and practise ‘Walking on the Line’ which are all recognised Montessori activities.

At Le Ballon Rouge Montessori Day Nursery in Southend-On Sea, we wish for the children to feel safe and secure. We encourage independence and self-confidence whilst children learn to socialise in a warm, caring and stimulating environment which we have cultivated for children to develop their pre-school skills.

Each child is unique and is treated as an individual as we recognise different heritages and varying abilities amongst children in our care.

All parents and carers are welcome at the nursery as we like to develop an effective partnership with them. For more detailed information on how we teach, check out our Curriculum page. For anything else, please contact us.

Le Ballon Rouge Montessori Day Nursery is registered with Social Services and Ofsted. Some 2 years olds and all 3 year olds living in the Southend Borough and 4 year olds attending the nursery are eligible for the Nursery Education Grant Funding.

We promote play by providing a well planned and organised environment. Specially designed and varied activities are offered in each room including sand, water, play dough, painting, cutting, construction, puzzles, toys and more. Imaginary and role play are also encouraged as the children’s understanding and verbal skills develop. In the ‘home corner’ children learn about personal, social and moral issues.

At Le Ballon Rouge, we believe that children need not only to be shown appreciation by constant and genuine praise, but also need to be rewarded by stars, stickers and occasionally treats. Good behaviour, good manners, concern for others and helpfulness are valued and rewarded as much as academic achievements.